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General Dentistry

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IV sedation sometimes works so effectively that even the smells and details of the procedure cannot be recalled afterwards. Safety and compliance are two important aspects of treatment, so dental sedation offers both the patient and the dentist the best alternative.

Whatever the form of sedative, it is essential to be accompanied by a caregiver. Sometimes, sedatives are provided the night before the dental visit, which means that driving to or from the appointment is not advisable.

We can provide:

  • Bone grafting with or without implants
  • Single & Multiple missing tooth replacements with dental implants
  • Implants retained fixed & removable dentures
Oral Hygiene

Regular cleaning and polishing of teeth with the hygienist.

Deep Cleaning & Gum Recontouring

Deep cleaning with/without the ultrasonic scaler and may require freezing. May also require some removal of extra gum tissue and/or infected  bone removal.

Silver & Tooth Coloured Fillings.

Regular filling procedures to remove decay and restore the tooth back to health.

Dental Caps

A dental crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth. A crown is used to restore a damaged tooth, but they can be used  to improve the appearance of a smile. A crown can consist of three different materials, all-metal, ceramic-on-metal and all-ceramic. The location of the crown in the teeth will determine the best material to use.

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Complete & Partial

Both of these are generally 4- 5 appointment procedures over the course of 4-6 weeks. Upper complete dentures have a fairly good patient acceptance in general,  but lower complete dentures are generally not well fitting especially with poor bone support. There are for certain pro’s and con’s to this option and is not something to be done without careful consideration.

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Root Canal Treatment
Includes the fixing of previous treatments where necessary.

A root canal endodontic procedure works by creating a small hole in the tooth so that all of the infected areas can be removed. In order to complete the root canal, we will seal up the hole and area where the tooth nerve used to be. This is typically done with something called gutta-percha. This is a rubber-like substance that can help to stabilize the tooth now that a portion is missing.

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A dental bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth with a fixed option. A tooth in front and behind will be prepared to receive crowns with an artificial tooth in middle.

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Veneers are very similar to crowns and are made of all ceramic.  Where a crown will encompass the entirety of the crown portion of a tooth, the veneer will only cover the facial (frontal) portion of the front tooth.  As some may describe it, it is like that of a false nail on your tooth.

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Wisdom & Tooth Extraction

Regular teeth extractions and wisdom teeth extractions are done with or without sedation depending on anxiety level of patients.

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Bleaching / Whitening
Includes Zoom Whitening

Whitening can be done either in the office by us or by the patient in ‘take home’ form with custom fitted trays.  It is always best to get an assessment first in regards to whitening, as it is not recommended for people that have excessive sensitivity or a lot of decay.

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